Saturday, September 17, 2005

Nintendo gameboy micro

This looks like a pretty cool device I'd like to buy one -but I don't think I can afford one though, a pity . I'm sort of put off by the detachable fascia. I like the size and the general design. I think it looks nicer than the psp and the gba. Mind you, I just have a plain blue gba and I find it very appealing aesthetically. I've been enjoying my gba again lately. It's surprising how you forget how much fun gba games can be. I was looking at a video of a gba strategy game on gamespot. I have to say it didn't look very appealing. The other type of game i'm not sure fits the format well is first person shooters. I can't imagine anything worse than trying to focus on a 3d world 2 inches square.
I have been wondering lately about buying a gameboy sp. They are still not cheap new - 65 pounds. I was hoping they would come down in price.

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