Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Escape from New York

I recently watched this film. It was the first time I sat through it all. I've started it a few times and never got very far. Kurt Russell plays the main character Snake Plisskin an ex navy seal who now wears an eye patch. His backstory isn't very well explained but he starts out in processing to enter a prison at the beginning of the film, a prison that is walled in around three mile island. The President of the United States, played rather bizarrely by Donald Pleasance, has to eject from Air Force One before it crashes. His escape pod lands in the gang controlled area of New York and in order to escape from a life in prison Snake is given the job to rescue the President. This will prevent a war but it is unclear how exactly. I find it to be quite a weird film, I still liked it but the theme and the score were co-written by John Carpenter and the theme is so of its time it's untrue but I do like it. It's not John Carpenter's best film but in my opinion it's a classic you should see at least once.


laura b. said...

I think I saw that when it first came out, but don't remember it very well.

Tara said...

All I remember from that movie was Peter Fonda surfing the streets of New York because they were flooded...Is that right, or was that another movie?

FW said...

LB: I can imagine it doing well at the time box-office wise. But it is a bit of a strange turkey and yet oddly enjoyable.

Tara: Er no, I think that's something else - sounds interesting though!