Sunday, June 09, 2013

In praise of ... the BLT sandwich

I bought some bacon yesterday. It was a subconscious reaction to enjoying some bacon for breakfast while I was looking after my son. We ate out, so I thought I'd buy some bacon to enjoy at home. I also bought a bag of mixed lettuce leaves and some vine ripened tomatoes (the ones still attached to the vine: does the vine make any difference apart from visually?). We had some thin sliced brown bread, so this morning I offered to prepare a cooked breakfast. My daughter wanted a bacon and tomato sandwich, my son a bacon and lettuce but I had the classic BLT. I even added a little mayo and a few drops of ketchup to mine. Much better than shop bought, you can't beat a home made BLT. The freshness of ingredients is everything and at home this is something you can guarantee.
But when you can't make a sandwich yourself and you are at some place that is not familiar and have limited choices of where and what to eat. You can bet that a sandwich outlet, even if it just a chiller cabinet in a newsagents, will have a BLT. I find the BLT a reliable and comfortable hunger quencher. The photo below is not my own, but mine was almost the same.


laura b. said...

I'm not a tomato fan, but I do like the B and L part. When I make it at home, I make it how I like. When I go out, I usually just order it standard then give the tomatoes to one of my dining companions. Most other people are happy to get extra tomato :)

FW said...

LB: It's probably safer not to have tomatoes when you can't vouch for their freshness. I have had a few BLTs ruined by soggy bread caused by limp tomatoes.

Tara said...

Ohh, I LOVE BLTs! That one in the photo looks so good.

Arby's has one called "The Ultimate BLT" and it's very tasty. I like homemade BLTs better. You're right, you can't beat 'em.

FW said...

Tara: I had a BLT today from a franchise called Upper Crust, it was tasty I have to admit. I love BLTs.