Saturday, June 08, 2013

Holiday choice

Last summer we got our kittens in June and to treat them with the love and kindness they deserved we didn't book any holiday time away from home. The previous year, we had been living in our new house for about 3 weeks and then we were on holiday for 7 days in Spain. Our Spanish holiday was great. My wife was very worried it would be too hot for her and that she would get bored. She is a workaholic and works during the holidays she has from teaching. So going away forces her to stop working and I think the break from work for us all works well. Spain was very hot, perhaps slightly hotter than my wife prefers it but I think it helps to relax if the weather is always nice and sunny and you don't have to worry about what to wear. We took some novels to read and our kids spent a lot of time in the water pool at the hotel. In the afternoon and evenings we went for walks along the beach etc. Some aspects were not so nice but we avoided the places we didn't like.
This year, we haven't booked anything yet but I'm keen to go somewhere. We will either end up not going anywhere, going away to somewhere in the UK or going for a cheap getaway somewhere abroad. We've got the issue of the cats though. Our options are to ask my parents to house sit for us and also look after the cats. Or maybe find a cat hotel? Cat hotels can be quite expensive. The weather is a factor if we go for a hotel stay in the UK. Hotels aren't cheap and if the weather is bad it can ruin a UK holiday. No sitting on a beach enjoying the heat, if you have to battle against the wind or the rain.

Mediterranean holiday?

UK beach holiday

I don't know what to do for the best, we have to keep a firm grip on the cost.


laura b. said...

I hope you guys are able to agree on something relaxing and not too expensive. It really is nice to get away as a family.

FW said...

LB: Yes, I hope so too. Thanks

Tara said...

I love both of those photos, but especially the Mediterranean photo on the top!

I say ask your parents to check on the cats and housesit for you. That way the cats, who are creatures of habit, won't get too freaked out because they'll still be at home.

Housing pets at a hotel or a vet is very expensive. Some of them won't house the pets unless they get their shots renewed, so that adds up too.

FW said...

Tara: It's certainly an expense we have to consider. My folks do seem reluctant to come down, I guess my mom's never been much of a cat person.