Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Total Recall 1990

A week ago I watched the original Total Recall film starring Arnold Schwarzeneger and Sharon Stone. It was a lot better than my memory of it led me to believe. I can see why I thought it was ground-breaking at the time. I loved the future cars and the Johnny Cabs. But the story it is based on is the real star of the movie in my eyes. The idea of implanting false memories that seem real as a leisure activity is so cool. It was loosely based on a story by Philip K Dick called "We can remember it for you wholesale", I have never read a Philip K Dick story but this makes me want to try one. Sharon Stone is just perfect as the fabricated wife. The film is so clever on different levels. The governor of Mars and his henchman are played so over the top well by Ronny Cox and Michael Ironside they steal the show for me. Arnie just bulldozes through the scenes. The visual effects are terrific. It really is a movie that is easy to watch again. And if you've never seen it, it is a MUST!


laura b. said...

Haven't seen this in years. I remember enjoying it at the time. Sounds like it is worth a rewatch.

Anna H. said...
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Tara said...

There was so much about this movie that I liked. I was both horrified and fascinated when they went flying out of the window onto the sand and their faces started to freak out and mutate.

FW said...

LB: Yes, it's worth another watch if it's been a while since you saw it.

Anna: Hey, nice to see you round here! I agree, although I also enjoyed the remake but it wasn't as artistic.

Tara: The special effects were something else weren't they? They were amazing at the time and even today there are standout pieces like the eye bulging you mention, so well done!