Monday, June 03, 2013

MTG: Izzet v Golgari Duel Deck

This weekend I've played Magic the Gathering a few more times with my son and enjoyed it. He needed a bit of cajoling into playing the first game and he said he would only play if we could play with the Izzit and Golgari duel deck I had bought a few months ago in Manchester, specifically he wanted to play the Izzet deck. It was a good game and he used the Izzit Boilerworks card to good effect, using the ability of the card to create the mana he needed to summon his creatures and instants. Eventually, he beat me with his Shrewd Hatchling creature. I played with the Golgari deck and just didn't make effective use of the graveyard, which is the way to play the deck. I did have a good card I wanted to play but through a couple of bad choices didn't get the chance to play it.
On Sunday, my son actually came to me and asked for a game, which was nice. So we played and I won. He did hit me with a good Instant spell called Prophetic Bolt. We were both waiting for the right type of Land card to use the creature cards we had. I was lucky because I was able to summon a creature first even though it was a low power one. I just wore him down slowly.
I'm happy how we're both enjoying playing the game and how we're picking up the intricacies of the rules. We also spent some time sorting out a couple of decks from the Gatecrasher Fat Pack I bought. I can't wait to try out my first built deck.


laura b. said...

haha! I didn't understand most of what you said here...but it is nice that you and your son found a game you both enjoy :)

Tara said...

I like the idea that a game can give the player power to conjure things. I think I'd like that game, and I love that you and your son play it together!

FW said...

LB: lol! I know it must seem like a different language! It becomes clearer when you start playing I assure you!

Tara: It's one of those games that has an unfair reputation for being male dominated. In fact, I think there are lots of female players out there. It is quite a social game, I'm building up my confidence to go and play against people I don't know.