Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Joe Petagno and Motorhead

I first heard a Motorhead song when I was about eight years old. I became a fan. Their sound was heavy and edgy but still musical. Amazingly, Motorhead are still the same now. They are unique, I should say Lemmy is unique. I was watching a video on YouTube earlier tonight (a few rude words in it, so I won't embed it), it was an interview with the man responsible for most of the Motorhead cover artwork over the years Joe Petagno. I was surprised to hear that he wasn't happy with the Overkill single cover. He thought it was rushed due to a deadline and that it should have been multi-layered. Well, I remember it coming out (amazingly) 34 years ago and for me then it was an amazing cover.  I felt that way about the album sleeve for Bomber - I remember drawing and painting one of the bombs from that cover in an art lesson at school. The original cover artwork is smaller than I thought it would be, if what the video was showing was the original work and I think it was because Joe was showing it himself.
In the car today, I played my kids a Motorhead best of compilation album and my son instantly liked Overkill. He thought the drums were amazing. Chip of the old block, I'm happy to say!

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