Sunday, June 30, 2013

Glastonbury 2013

I have not been to Glastonbury Festival, which is a shame since I like the festival scene and the music. I've not been to a music festival since 1994 or '95. That's an astonishing 18 years ago! Yikes! Anyway, I have been watching Glastonbury on TV and usually manage to get my fix of the festival from the comfort of my sofa. I've enjoyed performances by teenage rock band The Strypes and I also enjoyed what I've seen of Haim's set. The Foals set also seemed good but I missed Nile Rogers and Chic, which I hope to catch up on and The Rolling Stones likewise. I am a fan of The Rolling Stones, particularly their earlier stuff.
One of the problems for festival goers that you don't get by sitting at home with TV, radio and Internet is having to decide what bands to see and locating the right stage. It's a real challenge to get your itinerary sorted out. So, from the flyer below which 3 bands would you like to watch? I'm a Smashing Pumpkins fan so they'd be on my list.


laura b. said...

Wow, that is amazing. A lot of the newer bands, I don't know anything about. I'd definitely want to see both Rufus and Martha Wainwright. Elvis Costello, Billy Bragg, Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys, Cat Power, Mumford & Sons...and of course the Stones and the Pumpkins. Wow again :)

FW said...

LB: It's the biggest open air festival in Europe I believe. You can practically use it as a barometer of what's currently trendy in the music scene.