Thursday, January 26, 2006

Galloway leaves the house

We can’t really know what prompted George Galloway to enter the Celebrity Big Brother House. He surely considered it from many angles and consulted with other “celebrities” before going in. He must have reasoned it as a Win/Win situation, yet how wrong could he be? It revealed his personality as petty, two-faced, full of his own importance, condescending, patronising, jealous, vindictive and bullying. Nobody wants that kind of reveal. But he shouldn’t be singled out – there were others in the house that shared these and worse traits. The fact that George is a politician and that this was potentially an innovative way to reach many more ordinary people is something to be applauded, the unfortunate thing is that in this case, it was naïve. George’s political reputation has been damaged by this. I find the suggestion that the House of Commons will receive him with a cacophony of cat meeows saddening. The MPs who engage in this behaviour are no better than the tabloids and certainly no better than George himself. But there you go, they’re MPs afterall and we unfortunately have to live with the fact that most of them are somewhat less than the “ordinary” people they represent. As Preston sarcastically put it: “a cheating politician – what a surprise!”.

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