Thursday, March 23, 2006

Train Passenger

I took my PDA with me today on the train today. I did this quick sketch of a man sitting a few rows ahead of me. It's definitely a strange medium with drawing on the glass screen, I don't know if I like it or not. The drawings certainly come out differently than they would on paper. I'll have to do more sketches to experiment further. It did make me think that it might be an easy way I could translate my ideas for cartoons from my head to my computer, I don't know. I haven't manipulated this image yet, my next step might be to see what I can do with the image once I've captured it on my PC. I'm quite excited by the possibilities.
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Tara said...

I have a very hard time drawing on Microsoft Paint, let alone anything else. It's pretty much like trying to draw a circle on an Etch-A-Sketch.

Those glasses remind me I have to pick out new frames for mine.

The Furtive Wangler said...

Etch-A-Sketch was a great toy but I defy any child to come up with the examples illustrated on the box! I couldn't get a freakin thing drawn on mine - except stairs, oh yeah I could draw stairs!
I made the mistake of buying an electronic version of Etch-A-Sketch that you plug into the TV, it was total garbage - much worse than the old style one, that should give you some idea how poor it was. I thought my kids would love it but they hated it - it frustrated them like hell, LOL!

Tara said...

HaHa...Try giving them a Rubix Cube! Talk about frustration! :D

Caatje said...

I think it looks cool! I know I never'd be able to do anything like that!

The Furtive Wangler said...

Thanks very much! Though you might be surprised what you're capable of - this was just a quick sketch.