Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Virtual pets

It is the role of the parent to look after our sibling's Tamagotchi's while they are at school. This happy little critter is called Lucy, my son named her. This is his Tamagotchi. There are 3 of these in my home at the moment, bleeping, chirping, and generally making themselves know. Today, I was looking after Lucy here and my daughter's Tamagotchi (whose name I have forgotten). There are some interesting things about these Tamagotchi's - you can connect them up using an IR beam between them and they visit each other, both appearing in the same Tamagotchi for a few seconds. You can then add them into a friends list and buy and exchange presents for each other. Currency is earned through playing a small variety of games. Lucy above is wearing a new pair of boots bought for her. I think she likes them ;-)
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