Thursday, May 11, 2006


The skin around my eyes has been very sore and itchy lately. We live in a town but all around the town are fields of rapeseed. It looks pretty when the sun is on it but it has a very pungent smell that I don't like and I wonder if it has an impact on hayfever sufferers. Now, it's quite a leap of imagination to draw a causal link between my eyes and the rapeseed, so I won't.

It's been nice and sunny and warm the last two days. The street bars and cafe's are thriving with people and everybody has cheered up. The only downside is that the air conditioning is starting to kick in, I like to be warm but not hot. I sat in my train carriage today wearing a shirt, it was pleasant outside so I had taken my jacket off. However, inside the train it was like a fridge! Eventually, I even had to put my jacket on. I for one don't think the sudden changes of temperature are good for us humans, air con should be subtle up until the really hot and humid days start hitting us - then it can be cranked up. I've had some really bad times in my car, because it has no air con, and on days like that I am really envious of people with their posh new motors.


Ryan said...

After eading your post, I actually just had this thought come into my head:

"Wow! They have allergies over there, too?"

Final exams are really starting to fry my brain.

Tara said...

Oh don't get me started on the battle of the temps and the air conditioning. I don't like the AC on full blast either, and there is a vent right over my head at work and I have to share my thermostat with a woman who loves the freezing air. I like the warmer temps, but I also don't like to sweat. Very frustrating.

Are you rubbing your eyes alot due to hayfever? That's probably not helping either. Pretty flowers, though! :)

The Furtive Wangler said...

Ryan: You need a rest from exams!

Tara: I have an itchy eye but forget its sore until I rub it and then it gets all runny. Today though, it's improved a little at least.

AlienCG said...

I don't have really bad allergies. Usually just sneezing at the beginning of Spring and Fall. I like A/C, but we only have it in one area in the back of the shop. I always hope for phone calls during the Summer.

The Furtive Wangler said...

Alien: It's when the heat of summer is mixed with high humidity that I crave A/C.