Saturday, May 20, 2006

Eurovision 2006: Results

Finland's Lordi
The contest is over and Finland are the winners, with a group that were dressed as monsters and who had a song titled Hard Rock Halleluah. It's sort of the right result for the Eurovision - for me at least, in the tradition of the winner being totally unpredictable (and a bit crap).

The final placings were (my placings for them in brackets):

1) Finland (8th)
2) Russia (7th)
3) Bosnia & Herzegovina (12th)
4) Romania (joint 2nd)
5) Sweden (joint 4th)

My winners didn't really make it in the running (actual placings in brackets):

1) Norway or Croatia (a very disappointing 14th and 13th respectively)
2) Romania, Turkey, Ukraine or Lithuania (4th, 11th, 7th, and 6th respectively)
3) Spain (again, a very disappointing 21st)
4) Moldova, FYR Macedonia or Sweden (20th, 12th and 5th respectively)
5) Armenia (8th)

So, I'm disappointed that some good songs aren't going to get airtime and that poorer songs are, especially the winning entry. Last year's entry was at least a worthy winner, My Number One sung by the beautiful Elena Paparizou. She performed an even better song this evening, that I would have made into the winner if it had been entered in the competition.

I got something almost bang on though, as I had the UK entry 5th from bottom and it was actually marginally better at 6th from bottom. It was just not good enough in every department from song, performance, dance routine or outfit.


StereoBalls said...
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AlienCG said...

That group kind of reminds me of GWAR. We're all the bands just as good looking?

The Furtive Wangler said...

Alien: LOL! Yeah, they had the wort case of broken veins I've ever seen!